Count Palatine Philipp Ludwig of Neuburg, his son and the Jesuits

An image from the age of the Counter-Reformation…

Against the wishes of his father, a staunch Lutheran, converted Wolfgang William of Neuburg at the 19. June 1613 secretly converted to Catholicism and married (officially as a Lutheran) Magdalene of Bavaria. The conversion he announced solemnly in the church Sankt Lambertus in Dusseldorf on 25. More 1614. The marriage to Magdalene of Bavaria followed by the Treaty of Xanten 12. November 1614, the recess of the Dortmund 1609 override set and the sharing of the heritage of Jülich-Cleves-Berg between Neuburg and Brandenburg led. Thus he became the first ruler of the house of Neuburg in Jülich-Berg. (Extract from Wikipedia)


Sperl, August: Count Palatine Philipp Ludwig of Neuburg, his son Wolfgang Wilhelm and the Jesuits, Hall: Society for Reformation History, 1895

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