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Maria Sibylla Merian: New flower book 1675-1680

In the opening credits of the 1. Band is written as an introduction ...

The "Glorwürdigste Emperor Maximilian" once saw put on the journey an old peasant tribes; he had come to him and asked what he fruit plant since? The farmer answered he set date trees. The Emperor laughed and said,: "Egg Bauerlein, carry only the dates in 100 Years fruits; The experience you will not!" The farmer replied,: "Yes My Lord, I know it well; I do it but the glory of God and for the benefit of the descendants!" This speech and deed pleased the emperor so much, the man that he 100 Gulden was a gift. So he was working for his descendants rewarded!

Maria Sibylla Merian (2.4.1647-13.1.1717) war die Tochter des Kupferstechers und Verlegers ( one of the largest publishers in the 17. Century) Matthäus Merian (1593-1650) and his second wife Johanna Sibylla home. Her artistic talent they would from grandfather Johann Theodor de Bry (1561-1623) have inherited. This came from a Calvinist family of artists and was known as an engraver, Illustrator and publisher. She received her art education from the stepfather Jacob Marrel, a still life painter in Frankfurt.

Maria Sibylla went and watched the animals and plants exactly. She bred silkworms and wrote about the work: “Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium” Now the SLUB Dresden Your flowers book digitized. It consists of three parts and was the first publication of Merian. In this they formed from known and unknown flowers – an eye opener as I personally find.

Genealogy: The artist Merian family with ancestors and descendants, may in the Database be gleaned.


Band 1, Nuremberg 1675
Band 2, Nuremberg 1677
Band 3, Nuremberg 1680