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Life of Ehrenfried Walther v. Tschirnhaus

Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus, Lord of Kieslingswalde and Stoltzenberg, was near Goerlitz on 10.4.1651 afternoon at 18:00 Born on the clock and 12.4. baptized. He became famous as a naturalist was (Alchemist, Educationalists, Mathematician, Mineralogist, Philosopher, Physicist, Engineer, Volcanologist)

The family of Tschirnhaus (their genealogies are also found in the database) had about 400 Years, after they had emigrated from Moravia and Bohemia in the Lausitz, the dominion possessed in his birthplace (“The place of birth was the ancestral estate Kislingswalda beyond 400 annos haec Tschirnhausiorum assets, After he departed from Moravia and Bohemia in Lusatiam, possedit”) and was a very old, Gräfliches, baronial and aristocratic sex.

His ancestors can be found in Ziegler's: “Historic venue and Labyrinth of Time” far back records. His father, Christoph von Tschirnhaus on Kiesslingswalda and Stoltzenberg, Counsel under George I. and II. His mother, Elizabeth Eleanor was born a baroness of Sterling and Achilles (Stierling and Achill) from old English Gender. He had two brothers, Friedrich Gottlob of which died of tuberculosis and Georg Albrecht survived him…



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