Polish Heraldry (Polish Coat of Arms)

The Polish nobility, there are many notable differences. The most striking feature of the system is, that a coat of arms does not belong to one family, but a number of unrelated families (sometimes hundreds of them ) Coat also called cooperative. A name does not automatically equal arms equality. Originally the Polish nobility and created a pure warrior class in the struggle with the royal power something unique in Europe - an aristocratic republic with an elected king at the top (an elected president for life)

The process of Polonization ran off in different phases, some were his own German name and coat of arms laid down and was left in a Polish Coat cooperative record, part, the names appended by a “-ski” or “-cki” with discontinuance of the old German Noble character “v” converted, some gave themselves nicknames for the goods-possessive, some were obviously translated the name only. On several later were both named, German and Polish also uses (e.g.. at Manteuffel, Oppelns, Hutten) The differences: No heritability, Allodial- instead Lehnbesitz, No title of nobility, Only additives such as “Generosus” Example Coat of Arms Community Slepowron, of the family Rembowski belongs to. See Wikipedia

The Constitution of 1921 The nobility was abolished and prohibited the use of titles of nobility. The Constitution 1935 lifted the ban on re-, without the needle was re-established. Since then, the use of titles more or less tolerated. By re-establishing the constitution of 1921 The title was abolished again use. As social class no longer exists, the nobility. There are pictures of the Polish coat of arms here.

Bd. 1 (1839)
Bd. 2 (1839)
Bd. 3 (1839
Bd. 4 (1839)
Bd. 5 (1840)
Bd. 6 (1841)
Bd. 7 (1841)
Bd. 8 (1841)
Bd. 9 (1842)
Bd. 10 (1845)


Niesiecki, Kaspar: Polish Herzbarz Kasper Niesiecki, 10 Volumes sorted by alphabet, Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1839-1845

Other literature:

Zbigniew: Coats of arms of Polish Nobility, Part 1, Antoni Fiedler Editor, 1908
Zbigniew: Coats of arms of Polish Nobility, Part 2, Antoni Fiedler Editor, 1908

In Part 2 are all colored coat of arms

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