Duke Heinrich Julius of Brunswick-Lüneburg


This prince of old welfischem blood is one of the most important rulers of his time called since Henry the Lion.

Born in 1564 He was fond of the Lutheran Reformation, and a defender of this “pure doctrine”. 1578 He was the first Protestant Bishop of Halberstadt and 1581 to 1585 Administrator of the archdiocese Minden. Heinrich Julius first married Princess Dorothea of ​​Saxe (1563−1587) a daughter of Elector August of Saxony.

In 1589 He joined the government in Wolfenbüttel and married 1590 Elisabeth, the daughter of King Frederick II. of Denmark. One of his sons was Christian, called “the Great Halberstadt”, as leader of the soldiers in the 30-year war against the emperor and the League lost his land. Herzog Heinrich Julius führte ein beliebtes Regiment und starb bereits am 20.7. 1613 at the Diet of Prague suddenly at a young age. He was buried in Wolfenbüttel.

The illegitimate son of Duke Heinrich Julius

A chronicle of the family Bansa, terminated only as conjecture only, documents are discovered. One is the engraving by 1611 and provides the “Home to Mount”, the oldest home of sex is BANSS, with the family crest and a Latin inscription, from the provide unambiguous, that this ancestor Henrich BANSS has been the natural son of Duke Heinrich Julius. So ist wohl davon auszugehen, that “Banß” Bansa or the mother's name was, inhabits Mindischen.

According to the custom of the time, the origin of such apparently saw nothing dishonorable, Henrich was BANSS, in the 1586 was born, ennobled as Lord shoot and became known as a long-extinct Lower Saxony Mr. Kyburg, the “Noble Vlotho” (Also a small town on the river Weser) In 1611, Thus, in its 25. Age him the Duke's father appointed bailiff or castle captain from “Home to Mount”. In the same year he married Gertrud Staplage, the daughter of a respected pharmacist Minden.

She bore him three sons, of which the oldest 1612, Born in the year of the reign of the Emperor Matthias commencement and was therefore given the name Matthias. About the two younger brothers Henrich and Kaspar is nothing known. In 1638 BANSS father died and the following year Matthias is in Frankfurt with the petition for admission to the citizenship of free empire- called and commercial city. To what extent this may be true chronicle answer us only more sources. The genealogies unless included, found as always in the database.


Our ancestor Henry BANSS, Edler called road v. Vlotho 1586-1638, Publisher Engelbert & Schlosser 1918, Otto von Pfarrer Bansa, as a gift to the library of the city of Frankfurt. (Download)

Dynastic research tape 2, Page 49 by Baron Karl Leopold Wilhelm August Ledebur

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