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Documented history of sex in Oertzen

The sex of the one of the most famous Oertzen old aristocratic families of Mecklenburg and is still thriving indigenous families from all of the oldest old Obotritenlandes, insofar as its documented history reaches back the furthest and is lost in the times of Wendish rule. Distinguished by an honorable character, an ancient possession of goods, and often seemingly unusual abilities, the family has not only the homeland, but also other countries, a very large number of men found, seven hundred years which helped throughout by the Council in peace and in war by act strongly and effectively to the overall well-being and therefore have to have the family to enjoy anywhere, even with a high legal reputation had.

The progenitor of the race, the Wendish noble "Uriz", which in 1192 in the Wendish prince of Hofgefolge Borwin I. is named after Wendish kind without first name; The name is thus a purely Wendish and then written without doubt, still with consciousness. In the earlier times to the mid- 14. Century, the name appears most frequently in the form "Oriz or Oritz". Delving into the neighboring Slavic dialects of the significance, one arrives at the "Husbandman or farmer".

The last three centuries old called Mecklenburg nobility is tested to the knightly houses 13. Century. For the Middle Ages are not all old knightly gender gender, since you do under these major differences related to the origin must. It can be in 13. Century, three different types of knights mäßiger sexes differ; First, the immigrant as the Germanization of the Plessen, Schoenberg, von Everdingen. The second belonged to the old, and free land-owning families patrician, their ancestors during the 13. Century acquired a knighthood. Third, from the old Wendish, noble families and dynasties-dating – it must be for the actual nobility Mecklenburg hold.

The sex of the Oertzen has its origin between the cities and Grevesmühlen Kröpelin, near the residence of Wismar, in the country Bukow. Notably, the family members of the councils and vassal princes of Mecklenburg. As early as the beginning of the 14. Century the estate was owned by the family Roggow and it can be assumed, that it has heard the ancestors, and which has been on 500 Years, not to this day.

In the multi-volume work deals with the full detail of arms and seal, increases the professional and the individual family members since the year Oertzen 1192, the house Roggow, Clausdorf, Stargard, Feldberg, Ticino, Gerdes Hagen, Vogelsang, schwerinsche the line, the Saxon and Danish line, all covered with certificates and multiple family trees and biographical sketches of the individual family members. With this family history, there is much to discover…


Documented history of Sex von Oertzen : 1 Part. of the origin of Sex by the year 1400 : with five lithographic plates / of G. C. F. Lisch, In the Commission's Hofbuchhandlung Stiller, Schwerin and Rostock, 1847

Documented history of Sex von Oertzen : 2 Part. From the year 1400 to the years 1600 and 1700 : with 2 Lithographic plates / of G.C.F. Lisch, In the Commission's Hofbuchhandlung Stiller, Schwerin and Rostock, 1860

Documented history of Sex of Dertzen. 3 Part. From the year 1600 by the year 1725 / of G.C.F. Lisch, In the Commission's Hofbuchhandlung Stiller, Schwerin and Rostock, 1866

Documented history of Sex von Oertzen. Part. 4 : Containing the Mecklenburg houses and the older branches of the old house Helpte recent history of about 1700 to the present / of G. C. F. Lisch ; continued by E. Sass, Schwerin 1886

Documented history of Sex von Oertzen : 6 Part : A. the house young Helpte (Also Danish branch, especially the house Kittendorf) recent history, of about 1700 to the present. B. Review. C. (s. Under part II) Rage night u. s. in. / of G. C. F. Lisch ; continued by E. Shas ; as Manuscript gedruckt, 1891

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