The Office Chorin: History and management

In which 1250 Pomeranian closed with the Treaty of Landin had the Brandenburg margrave Johann I. und Otto III. possession of “Catfish-Finow country” get confirmed. Under the government of both Marquis is also the foundation of the Cistercian monastery of Chorin-Mariensee years 1258.

The Foundation has hardly been a cause for the division of the cord under the Ottonian line and Johan niche. The old burial ground of Ascanians, the Lehnin, remained in the Ottonian line, while Johann Markgraf for himself and his descendants Mariensee-Chorin for certain cemetery.

By the end of 13. Century could Chorin Monastery his lands to villages with a total of four full 206 Hooves expand. These were still in five villages 43 Hoofs came float. Under Margrave Woldemar a large expansion of the land mass Chorin's going on. The monastery received no less than seven full villages together 300 Hooves country and to the two horseshoe-free fishing villages Upper- and low Liepe.

Under the Wittelsbach and Luxemburg are not extended much Chorin. Thus came 1356 Only the desert village of Seehausen place at the monastery and in three villages together more 18 Hooves. By the end of 15. Jahrhunderts vermehrte sich der Besitz des Klosters dann noch um drei Volldörfer mit 124 Hooves. As free float only at the village Mürow Angermünde he added two hooves.

From the contents:

Chorin Abbey, Office of Chorin 1543 until the end of the 30-year war, Official Chorin 1663-1740, Official Chorin 1786 until the dissolution of the Office in 1839, The Management, e.g.. Duties of the office captain, Economic fundamentals z. B. the outworks, Fisheries and Forestry, the wine and silk cultivation, Brewery, Mill being, Glassworks, The official subjects: Mayor, Parson and clerk, Farmers and Kossäten, Plans by Vorwerk Buchholz and Chorin.


Paech, Herbert: Official Chorin, History, Administrative and economic foundations, Work of the museum Uckermärkischen- and historical association Prenzlau, Buchdruckerei Vincent (Download)


Chorin Monastery

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