Book of the patrician family groping in Hildesheim

stammbaum-tappenThis work begins with the patrician Zacharias Tappen, to which 1500 Hildesheim lived and was married to Salome by dam. Salome came from the patrician family of that name in Brunswick. His son was Rötger Council- Mr. and trade in Hildesheim, and he owned a factory in Antwerp. He died in February 1564.

Even his son followed in the footsteps of his father as a Council- Commerce and Mr.. Frederick was born 1543. He married 1. Margarethe Kniphoff, Daughter of the mayor, Hans and Margaret Brandis Kniphoff. In 1581 He married Elisabeth von Hagen, Daughter of Henning von Hagen and the Ilse of Horneburg. The Tappen family turned over the centuries, and Mayor councilors.

To learn more associated names:

Dörrien, by Gladen, of Gühlen, of Harlessem, Hoffmeister, Cone, Limburg, Lübbern, Mellinger, Mittendorff, Overbeck, Plathner, Pot, Sattler, Shields, Schrader, Storre(n) Twebohm, Wiesenhavern, of Wintheim, Ziegemeyer

Title of the Book:

Tappen'sches family book, News from the Tappen family together in genealogical order of Th. Grope, Senior Government, Soest 1889 (Download)

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