Commemorative copy of the Rasselsteiner iron plant and the Remy family

The iron Rasselstein at its origin leads Neuwied, as well as the smelter Bendorf ironworks, and most of the time on a mill back. Was documented as early as 1655 At this point, an iron works and in the year 1688 were performed in a Testament of Count Friedrich of Wied (Founder of the town of Neuwied) two mills mentioned, on the rattle and the stone mill tons in Rodenbach.

Count Friedrich, in the 1698 died, had supported the mining industry in the area and established a number of foundries. His successor, Count Friedrich Wilhelm, which 1737 died, had that iron no particular interest, one Aufscwung was again only under Count Friedrich Alexander, the long his reign (1737-1791) Commerce and industry in the county promoted. Later the factory Rasselstein leased to Jacob Balthasar Reichard and from that we went over to Heinrich Wilhelm Remy on 1. July 1760.

Heinrich Wilhelm Remy died 1779. His real successor was his cousin and brother Karl Wilhelm Remy, in the 1747 Born as the third son of John Remy was about Bendorf. He was 1771 joined as a partner in the business, had 1775 Anna Clara Franke from Kassel (1755-1789) married and died after a long life in 1817. Was a result of problems of inheritance and by purchase in the years 1840 to 1842 the ironworks robbery Acher hut owned by the family related to Remy Freudenberg Remyschen ownership over.


Rasselsteiner Aktiengesellschaft Neuwied, Cologne: Weber 1910 (Download)

Other literature:

Die Familie Remy : Kannenbäcker und Unternehmer eine genealogische Bestandsaufnahme, von Ilse Müller, Günther Schweizer und Peter Werth

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