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Genealogy of the family Warmia Harwardt

The family name originated from the old German Harwardt name Hariward. The usual form of writing is found already in the ancestor of the Bludauer Harwardts, Ambrose in 1577.

Die Herkunft des Ambrosius Harwardt +1612, has not allowed a document to prove. An Andreas Harwert in Loberg at Mulhouse in the circle Pr. Holland tritt 1577 as best man at his on – He could be the brother. The wife Ursula died from Neukirch de, 22.9.1613 in Bludau. From this marriage came from 9 Children, their descendants are listed here.


Hippler, Erich: Genealogy of the family Warmia Harwardt, Brown Mountain: Warmia newspaper- publishing and printing, 1928?

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