The poll tax description of the principalities of Gottingen and Calenberg Grubenhagen 1689

In the years 1664, 1675, 1678, 1686 and 1689 the people were burdened, because the ruler of the Principality-Calenberg-Göttingen, the poll tax rose to the war fund to supplement.

Evidence of this, the “The poll tax description of the Principalities Calenberg-Göttingen and Grubenhagen 1689″ by Dr. Max Burchard and Herbert Mundhenke, in 13 Books to download, as an indispensable source for genealogical. Despite careful examination could not be clarified Copyright.

Already 1790 published the Göttingen professor Ludwig Spittler an essay on the history of the bounty in the Principality Calenberg, order to demonstrate the need for this in the population so hated tax. It was stirring great resentment among the population and it appeared Pamphlets, was in all the pitchers and taverns of the abolition of the bounty, the decision not to continue to pay, spoken.


From the old to the new middle class: Central European city in transition, 1780-1820, von Lothar Gall.
The story of the bounty in the principality of Calenberg, Göttingisches historical magazine. 1787-91.,1790, 6.Bd., S. 312-353

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