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The outside of Saneck and their history as Count of Cilli

graf-cilliUnder two different names and in different conditions appears one of the greatest of rulers of the medieval eastern Alps of Styria and the country at all, it is the "Free of Saneck and the Counts of Celje".

Through nearly four centuries, they can be traced back to and during other Dynastenfamilien a disintegration or splitting of the possession and extinction is to observe the same, there at the Saneck-Cilliern an almost abrupt upturn, to an abrupt termination of the race by the violent death of his last and most important representative of the following.

It all begins on an old castle called Saneck situated in Santhal, about an hour away from Frasslau. His name accompanies the life of his masters up to the inflection point, they can appear as counts of Celje in the annals of history.

Between 1360 and 1385 we encounter the sons of the first Earl of Cilli, Ulrich I. Hermann and I. The former had entered within the lifetime of his father's career of military service and that the time of the battles of Louis I. to Venice in 1346, The turmoil in the Tyrol and the Mark Brandenburg. Ulrich died on 26. July 1368 leaving behind his son William.

Between the years 1420 and 1436 is another period of history Cillier. Her first decade was its focus on the family tragedy (1422-1428) than their victims, the first wife of the young Count Frederick II, Elizabeth Countess of Modrusch-Veglia by the hand of her husband, and Veronika von Teschnitz (Desenic) The Croatian noblewoman, Frederick's mistress and then second wife in secret marriage, by the implacable revenge of Altgrafen Hermann II, reading deepest sympathy cause.

Old Hermann II. advanced in years at 13. October 1435 in Bratislava at the court of his death Eidams, since the 1433 also wore the imperial crown, there were already huge stocks of goods Cillier in Styria, Carinthia, Lands, Upper- and Lower Austria.

Another period of the history of the house Cilli is within the annual 1437 and 1456. Since the death of his grandfather, Count Ulrich II occurs Young. more and more to the fore in order to be soon as the true subject of the policy of his house. First, there is the feud with the Habsburg Frederick (1439-1443) the turbulent war with Hungary and the corvinischen Parteil 1452 to 1456 Ulrich II. as state-wise negotiator with the Bohemian and Hungarian Ständetum and its leaders, George and John Hunyadi leads of Podebrady. The political battle of the houses and Hunyadi Cilli goes to meet his tragic solution….

The dispute about the rich heritage Cillier forms the epilogue to the eventful history of sex. But the whole story about it here as a download..



Francis Xavier Knights of Krones Marchland: The outside of Saneck and their history as Count of Cilli. Leuschner & Lubensky, Graz 1883


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