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The family Wessel: History of a land-owning family since the sixteenth. to XX. Century


The first member of this clan, has been extensively documented, was the Elbinger Councilman Henry Wessel (The first mention dates back to 1363). His ancestors probably came from Lübeck. Werder was in this family for the first time 1568 mentioned. This family name appears most frequently in the village sparrow village.

Jochim Wessel is not documented in the former will Danziger Werder, when he 1623 enter a purchase agreement for the acquisition of a farm village had to Sperling. Previously lived in the village of that name. Thus, already 1568 an Alfred Wessel called the book Schöpp.

Jochim Wessel left at his death 7 Children, the oldest is about 1600 be born. The youngest son was named Hans Wessel, at the time of division on 17.7.1630 He is still listed as attend school.

The Wessels were a respected family, they held the mayor's position frequently, Dike jury, Church Men. In a restored neo-Gothic Stüblau is family tomb Wessels. The Nachömmlinge are here to 1837 albeit with interruptions, residents have been.


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