Album Curonorum: Members Directory of Curonia 1808 to 1883

The Historical Commission of Curonia it had in years 1873 the task of , compile a list of the former Corps fellows .

Here in this album and people were registered , Dorpat die schon im 1. Semester 1808 had left again . were total in this album (Apart from the honor Philistines ) 1517 persons listed .

is the most numerous family Kupffer represented , followed by the name Behr, von Hahn, von Boetticher , von Sacken, Tiling, Bernewitz , Adolphi , Kleinenberg , Lieven, Lundberg , von Kleist, von Grot und Seraphim, Baron Heyking, Graf Keyserling, von Rosenberg usw .

as material for the biographies were the records of the University Archives , album Academicum the Imperial University of Dorpat , the Protestant churches and preachers Kurland , Excerpts from the Courland knighthood archive and family histories used .

The author William wheels (1878-1957) has published numerous essays personenkundliche , from, among others from his pen : citizens and councilors Book line of Goldingen , Curonen at universities in Germany , citizens directories from the Duchy of Courland , who Lawyers Kurlands im 18. Century, Kurländische Akademikerfamilien, Curonen-Nachkommen , who Lawyers Kurlands im 17. Century.


Theodor Martin Wilhelm Räder (Genealogist) : Album Curonorum, Dorpat: H. Laakmahn , 1903

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