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Hamburg address books

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Are successively under this title the digital versions of all address books and telephone books older gathered, give the address information. Were mainly digitized collections of the State- and University Library Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky and the State Archives of Hamburg, also volumes of 15 other German libraries and archives.

  1. The "Hamburg Address Book", later "Hamburger Address Book", with minor exceptions to the 1787 to 1966 published annually, and its predecessors in 17./18. Century, First "Hamburgum literatum" for years 1698 and 1701 and the "now busy in Hamburg," published in 1712.
  2. The "Altonaische Address Book", later, "Altona Address Book", of the 1802 to the association with Hamburg Altona 1938 both independently and appeared linked to the Hamburg address book;
  3. Address books for village and the mountains Vierlande, Harburg-Wilhelmsburg, Wandsbek, Rahlstedt, Blankenese and Elbvororte, were at different time points with Hamburg combined;
  4. Address books and Geesthacht to Cuxhaven 1938, were separated as two cities with the Greater Hamburg Act of Hamburg.