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The documents and calendar entries from Silesia von Meck family in Livonia


The present study was the suggestion of and on behalf of the Alexander von Meck (+1911) started. The foundation was formed in the Gutsbrieflade Sunzel, the ancient seat of the family von Meck. The more important documents have been reproduced in full and verbatim. The second does not, unfortunately, this volume a biographical compilation of each contains in the documents referred to family members and other members of this family.

The messages begin with documentary Jacob Meck, a son of Philip and Elizabeth Blanck of Breitenfeldt. The family came from Silesia, from a bourgeois, respectable and moderately well-off sex. Jacob was 1552-1559 commonly known as the Riga Donherr church and called for 1566 as a steward of the Riga district. At the 15.2.1567 He was awarded the Polish nobility hereditary. Jacob died between the 14.2.1575 and 24.8.1575. He was married to Anne of Mengden, a daughter of the Fromhold on Altenwoga and Margaretha von der Borch. After his death married the widow of a native of Silesia, Christoph Richter. Anna Richter, Meck was widowed at the 9. March 1617 buried in the Cathedral of Riga.


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