Archive for history of German nobility, Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics

From the contents: Tournament collar in the German heraldry, the nobility Behr, Bar in Northern Germany, Messrs. Jerichow and their kinsmen, the Lippe Rose Group, Seal of the City of Aachen, Studies on the family of Hammerstein. The seal of Angermünde, the Rose image for several noble families. Remarks about sphragistic album of the Prince of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg. the emergence of the Order of St John-Bailiwick of Brandenburg, the counts of Everstein Vogtland, Castle Stolzenhagen and Milow of Castle and, The noblemen of Drachenfels with family trees. About the nobility belonging to the gender of the Dove, otherwise Duve called


Ledebur, Leopold: Archive for German aristocratic history, Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics, Band I. and Band II., Berlin: Publisher Warnsdorff / Rauh 1863-1865. Downloads are provided by the BSB Munich available.

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