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Bismarck – His life and work

5 Bd. 1885-1890 up to the resignation of Prince: Full, pragmatically ordered collection of speeches, Dispatches, Political letters and state papers of the Prince / presented in documents and facts of the prince's own rallies by Ludwig Hahn: Published by Wilhelm Hertz, 1891 Bismarck, His life and political activity: 3 Bd. to 1879: Full, pragmatically ordered collection of speeches, Dispatches, State Papers and Letters of political Furstenberg, illustrated by Ludwig Hahn, Publisher William Hertz 1881 Bismarck, his political life and work : 5 Bd. 1885-1890 to resignation[...]

From time faded away: Memoirs of the Paula von Bulow 1833-1920

Paula was born in Berlin, referred to himself but rather as Süddeutsche. Her father, Count Franz de Paula von Linden was at that time agent of the state at the Prussian court of Württemberg. The family is of Dutch origin Linden; She writes in there sometimes with “i” and partially with”and”. The original center of the baronial branch moved 18. Century after MONTBELIARD (Montbeliard) and entered the Württemberg State Service. Paula's father married 1832 By Marie Hill (His mother was a countess Benzel to Sternau) Her mother was a maid of honor[...]

Dansk biografisk Lexikon (Denmark's Biographical Dictionary)

Has been published in three editions. The first edition under the title “Dansk biografisk Lexikon” also comprising Norway für period 1537-1814, appeared in 19 Volumes of 1887 to 1905. Editor Carl Frederik Bricka, ISIS boghandels Publishing. All editions are available as digitized.

Always ready with the right saying the quote encyclopedia

Daniel Sanders *12. November 1819 in Strelitz + 11. March 1897 in Strelitz, known as a German linguist and lexicographer, Poet and translator. And he also offered here, this collection of quotations, Proverbs, Phrases and sentences with the title “Citatenlexikon”.

Memoirs of Nobel Prize winner Bertha von Suttner

Bertha (Sophia Joy) Baroness von Suttner (*9. June 1843 in Prag + 21. June 1914 in Vienna) Austrian writer and pacifist, was. In 1905 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Bertha von Suttner was born Countess Kinsky of Chinic as native and Tettau of a Bohemian noble family. Ihr Vater Franz Joseph Graf Kinsky, in the front of her birth 75. Of age died, was a retired lieutenant field marshal and treasurer, born in Vienna and legitimate son of the country and the ruler of the Lord Chamberlain Chlumec, Ferdiand Count Kinsky of Chinic and[...]