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Archivum Heraldicum – Swiss Archives of Heraldry


Year 1897 With the nobility of the lynx born in Escher- 1900 With the pedigrees berühYearweizer II, Coat of arms and seal of the barons of Green Mountain, Year 1901 About the Thurgau occurring in the two sexes born Gaisberg 1903 Among other things, with the pedigrees of famous Swiss, Coat of arms of Abbot Ulrich VIII. Year 1906 Three pedigrees of the family of Erbach, Coat of arms of the Bernese family contactor, Awarding of the title and arms of the Counts of Thierstein to the Bishop of Basel Year 1907 The period of the Zurich Junker Bodmer of Baden (Landschreiber Dynasty) Those:  [...]