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Helping you finding genealogists and historians on Google+Verzeichnis für Genealogen und Geschichtler!

Google – In dieses Verzeichnis können sich alle Genealogen und Geschichtler eintragen, die mit einem Klick gefunden werden möchten. 1.) Unten auf Edit gehen 2.) Dann das Passwort Gast* eingeben 3.) Nun Euer Google Profil eintragen 4.) Mit Save speichern 5.) Fertig!   Google+ Counter helps you discovering new people, trends and stats. Make sure your profile is included by adding it to the index at! I created a directory for genealogists and historians. Now everyone can add his profile. You just need the  [...]

The majesty of the imperial nobility Germans


Three-volume work with a variety of ancestral samples of Damian Hatard. The sample needle (and ancestry) is a documentary proof of noble descent or a person of one sex. The first major evidence was the ancestor 12. Century on the ability of the tournament; He was the proof of descent from four ritterbürtigen ancestors and the laying of a coat made dependent on sample. Later, certain functions reserved for the nobility, I know in Ritterorden, Cathedral chapters and pens (Pin capability), Medals and pins for noblewomen, Hofwürden (of. B. Treasurer dignity, Hofzutritt) and the ability of parliament in the class[...]