Family tree search using the TNG Gendex Network and FamilyTreeSeeker

fileMeanwhile, there are many one million, which the genealogy hobby, Genealogy, Have prescribed Genealogy. And just as many websites to buzz around the Internet. The search for name occurrences, Family genealogies, Pedigrees, designed, therefore, usually very tedious and time consuming – a search service must be found..

Often used to scroll for hours from website to website but can not find the right one. In addition to the major online platforms such as,,,, FamilySearch, Genwiki, regional clubs and associations, etc.. there is little genealogical tracing services for large data sets. Therefore, I would like to introduce two of them. The first is “TNG-Network” that for myself too, because I work with the TNG software. The other search service is for Gendex “FamilyTreeSeeker”. These two put together the content of many websites as incredibly Index.

To illustrate what the whole Gendex “GENealogical inDEX” actually means:

GENDEX describes a simple ASCII format, with which it is possible on the internet references to people's own genealogical website to a higher-level pass index or in other words; Gendex is a text file with an excerpt from a genealogy file. Of the individuals in the pedigree here is only part of the data processed. A Gendex file, for example, no data on the relationships between people and is much smaller than a GEDCOM file. It is crucial, Gendex that the information on the Address of the website outputs, where the person sought may be found. Both search engines operate according to different criteria:


TNG has an updated database of its own 1386 Databases with 8.415.195 Name. In TNG, only after before- and last names are filtered. As a result, once the respective website called. I give my name, for example “Rambow” a, you see here the result of the search. A great helpful thing! I admit, I'm confessing TNG Licensees. If the search was successful only missing one more step and that is probably required in the registration database found. TNG also offers a small plugin for Firefox, so you get comfortable with one click, the desired results can. The instructions for downloading can be found here.


• Custom URL (The reference describes the variable portion of the URL to the appropriate people side of the page)
• Vorname
• Last Name
• Date of birth
• Place of birth
• Todestag
• Ort des Todes

FamilyTreeSeeker also offers a search function for your website. The instructions, you can here read. There is also a special Help Menu. The statistics provide a current status of 16.827.193 or 6457 Family trees of. FamilyTreeSeeker can add the search bar of the Explorer.

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