Genealogies, Funeral sermons

Personal writings and sermons of the dead Duke of Pomerania and their families from the years 1560 to 1663


The Reformation was the numerous foundations received, secularized the monasteries and “Requiems” were not read more. Instead we see the “Lutheran funeral sermon”. Initially had only a modest part of the commemoration of the life and work of dedicated, Soon, however, was no longer the. In a separate section, were the ancestors, the circumstances of birth and life treats, where the funeral sermon was.

The identities of the Duchess Anna and the Duke Georg XVI. Duke Philip I.. work out his chancellor, Martin Chemnitz, also the personal details of Duke Philip II. provided courtesy of Chemnitz. Other writers of these valuable sources of Matthias were Carnitz, Paul von Damitz and Jürgen (Jürg) Valenthin Winther, The Pomeranian histograph and secretary to the Duke.

These corpses processions are an interesting contribution to the history and genealogy of the Pomeranian nobility. The original prints are today without the exceptional literary rarities. In this work it is followed exactly the originals and the accompanying pedigree contains some specific disclosure, in the printed genealogies are not found.


The personal and corpses-processions (Funeral sermons) the Dukes of Pomerania and their families in the years 1560 to 1663, of Julius Freiherr von Bohlen Bohlen village and Ulrich Graf Behr Negedank-Semlow, Hall: Book Printing of the orphanage, 1869



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