The names of the teachers in Krimderode

From the local chronicle of the village Krimderode:

1574-1592 Churches- and janitor John Blasius
1670-1675 Hans Lüdicke, Janitor from Nordhausen
1675-1676 Martin Weige, Janitor, died in Krimderode
1676-1700 Lorentz Master, Janitor
1700-1705 Balthasar Hoffmann, Janitor
1705-1718 Anselm Guenther Straubel, Janitor
1729-1735 Andreas Koeller, Janitor, died in Krimderode
1737-1752 Ludwig Brodtkorb, Kantor and janitor, died in Krimderode
1752-1795 Martin Brodtkorb, Office, died in Krimderode
1795-1798 Christian Bock, Office, went to Buchholz
1799-1804 Christian Hof, Office, went to Appenrode
1804-1833 Andreas leg, Office, Sachs went on throwing
1833-1839 Johann Hasenbalg, Office
1840-1846 Wilhelm Brandt, Office, went to Petersdorf
1846-1854 Frederick Mortgage, Office, Wieger went to village
1854-1887 Ernst Schomburg, Office, died in Nordhausen
1887-1895 Paul Hof, Office, went to Nordhausen
1895-1900 Friedrich Beckmann, Office, beerdigt in Krimderode
1900-1932 Wilhelm Vahlbruch, Office, Author of numerous works
1908-1931 Wilhelm Apel, Teacher, went Markoldendorf
1932- Eric Bernstein, Office
1933- Franz Gauer, Teacher

In central Germany, and in earlier times was the office of the cantor often linked to the ministry of the local teacher, so that the term "cantor" (also "Kanter" extremely) identical with the concept of the teacher was (of. B. Also near Magdeburg)

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