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Genealogy of the Baltic race of Gruenewaldt

The first signs of a genealogy of the family are found in Gruenewaldt Hupel; But there is, except John, Adam and his sons, only the previous generation and the list is still very superficial. The real founder of the Baltic Genealogy Wrangell, Baron Moritz.

Originally, the name Gronwald, Grönewald and other variants gelautet; The spelling has Gruenewaldt in the second half of the XVII. Century naturalized (Estonian of nobility)

The name first appeared in 1297 on and in a suit for deprivation of Luebeck German merchants on their way to Novgorod, among them was John Gronewolt. At the 12. December 1450 wird Roloff Grunewaldis Bruder who Revaler Tafelgilde.

Baron Wrangell begins the genealogy of the noble family with William, to the 1500 lived and was married to Madlena of Völkersahm. Regarding what has been a resident in Tallinn Gruenewaldt civil branch of the family is referred to sieve, here is the councilor Jacob Gruenewaldt 1734-1752 mentioned. This Jacob led the same coat of arms the noble line, namely the tree on the hill (but on the helmet an eagle flying) Hard that the family is already in the fifteenth Gruenewaldt. Century was based in Livonia.

Extract the surnames in the Genealogy:

of Anrep, from Below, of mountain, of Blankenhagen, by Brümmer, of Derfelden, von Engelhardt, of Fallois, of Kursell, by Mohrenschildt, von Molas, by Muller, of the Pahlen, by Rehbinder, of roses, of Rosenbach, von Stackelberg, Capricorn, Stromberg, von Uexküll, Ungern-Sternberg, Wait of life, of Vietinghof, by Wolff


Baron George Wrangell: Genealogy of the family of Gruenewaldt, as manuscript gedruckt in Reval 1913

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