Archbishop Ludwig Ernst Borowski of

borowskiA contribution to the history of the East Prussian Church in the Age of Enlightenment with a biography of the Archbishop of the Evangelical Church in Prussia, Ludwig Ernst Borowski of. Author Walter Wendland, Pastor in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, 1910

At the 17. June 1740 Ludwig Ernst Borowski is the son of Andreas Ernst Hofglöckners Borowski was born in Königsberg. Among his mentors are the captain of Kunheim (Regimental commander von Thadden) Baron von Loeben and the General Field Marshal von Roder. His father owned a paint factory in the old town, in the 1738 the position of a Hofglöckners at the Castle Church took over. Ernst Ludwig and his brother Georg Heinrich (Professor of Natural Sciences in Frankfurt on the Oder +1801) visited the vaunted Friedrichskollegium (then still with pietistic orientation)

15 Borowski was years old, as he left to enroll at the University of Konigsberg. ( at the 28. July 1811 to Dr. theol. appointed) In addition to the theological faculty does the influence of Professor Kant, him, he felt deeply connected and Kant owed after the completion of a course tutor in the family of Knobloch. Hardly 22 Years old, was chaplain Borowski. At the 2. September, he came to sAt then in the camp office at Sorau. In 1770 He left the military service and took over the Erzpriesteramt to Schaaken. At the 24. January 1782 him, the magistrate of the city of Königsberg appointed a preacher at the church Neuroßgärtschen. The scope is now extended and Borowski is a public personality. 1793 He was appointed churches- and School Board, 1805 the Consistory. With the confidence of the king, he was finally collected all the other clergy of the province and 1815 Bishop and 1829 appointed Archbishop. Already on 5. July 1812 He had celebrated his fiftieth anniversary Office. Finally, he received 1831 even the Black Eagle, connected with the ceremony, the elevation to the peerage was… Link to Download

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