The family of Peter Roy in Neugarten in Gdansk

The family: Needle age, probably not of German origin, which is located in 16. Century settled in Gdansk, But because of his faith during the time of 1650 to 1830 No public posts held. As a possible origin in the southern Netherlands and northern France may be considered. The spelling of the name is already included at the end of the 15. Century. Sun marries the Baron von Wolkenstein Veit (1492 Lien on Mr. Castle Roddnegg, Knights of the Golden Fleece) Elizabeth Roy.

The family paid homage to the crown of Prussia neither 1772 more 1793. The Prussian nobility of 18.10.1861 was for the landowner and Elbinger brothers Richard and Hermann von Roy is not recognized. Your family group based in Berlin and Danzig was during the 1. World War II created. A family coat of arms has been handed down orally and is a lily, or. have been reported scepter. This coat of arms can not be established in Danzig and Prussia for the family.

The Royal House Ministry is said to have not only because the family of Roy counted for needle, because the members were formerly Mennonite and paid as such have no military service (the performance of such services is regarded as a key feature of the nobility) The brothers Richard and Hermann has been suggested, to seek a renewal of the nobility, that they have probably 1840 and 1861 refrain from. The Governor of the Province of Posen asked instead of their own accord recognition to the throne of Prussia of the old nobility of the family of Roy.

The genealogy begins with Daniel Roy of the approximately 1555 should be born. Documentary proof, we get news to Henry, as the master of the trade Pelplinschen Hoppenbruch in Gdansk between the 9.3. and 19.7.1683 died.

At the 30.6. Anthoni Le Roy receives a citizenship of the city of Amsterdam. Peter Roy appears at the baptism of his children Eberhard (1666) and Heinrich (1672) as “Peter Janssen of Rojen”. Previously, Richard Le Roy gets on 14.5.1635 the citizenship of Gdansk on a merchant. As this is the place of origin “Coulemer” recorded.


Roy-Quadendorf, Curt?: Familie of Peter von Roy, Neugarten died at the Gdansk 6.12.1698, Opole: F. Because houses, 1918

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