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History of sex in Altrock

The very old sex by Altrock were in Mecklenburg resident freeholders. As such, they also referred to by Lehsten in his book on the Mecklenburg nobility. Probably the spelling of the family name changed over time.

Found in documents is only the spelling “Oltrock” in the appointment of the Duke Adolph Frederick III, of Mecklenburg-Strelitz from 30. More 1728 for Johann Oltrock. A second document of the same prince from 27. March 1732 already shows the current spelling. For the spellings Oldrock, Oltrogge Altrogge and documentary confirmations could not be provided.

For all inquiries prior to the time 1700 the aftermath of the 30-year war became evident. Like all histories of this period is confirmed by the Mecklenburg 30-year war, particularly through the train Wallenstein at Stralsund, been completely destroyed and deserted. Villages and churches were destroyed and deserted.

Under the Duke Adolph Frederick III. to the 1731 Alt-Strelitz, and from then on was in New Strelitz court, John August came to the Strelitz Oltrock court, where he is through hard work and talent brought to bear, and while his younger brothers George, Daniel and Joachim took. Indicative of the important position of John Strelitz on farm and across borders is the correspondence, he commissioned his own affairs with princes and the kings of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm I.. and Frederick the Great led. In recognition of his services he turned most of the great king of his grace, and raised him on 14. April 1744 in the hereditary peerage….


History of Sex von Altrock : edited by Constantin von Altrock, Berlin: Mediator, 1901 (Download) at the Russian State Library