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Presbyterologie of Protestant Silesia

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Churches- preacher and history of cities and principalities Brieg, Breslau, Great Glogau and the principalities and Crossen Carolat-Bytom comprehensive.

A Merry Christmas!

frohe weihnachten und ein glückliches neues jahr

Ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2011 wünsche ich allen eifrigen Lesern und Freunden!

Records of the family of Diezelsky


The original name was Dziecielski (derived from Specht) The sex Diezelsky now called, is from a from father to son orally transmitted story, of a Persian (Lost) descend, who had settled at the time of conversion of the Gentiles in the reign of Lauenburg and grown. His name is Dargooder (Polish Dargolewo) have been named. This Dargo fed on animal husbandry and hunting.

The alchemists of Austrian nobility documents


In Germany, the alchemy was the beginning of the XIII. Century their catchment. The development was more important than, say, the pharmacy sector (The first pharmacy was established in Prague by emigrants from years 1408 errrichtet in Leipzig) In Austria the first alchemical doings coincided with the reign of Sigismund and the transfer of the imperial crown to his son Albert II.

Collection of German families to sell books on DVD

Genealogical Handbook of bourgeois families on CD-ROM. Sources and compilation, with the stem sequences German bourgeois gender. I offer on behalf of the following collection of German families to purchase books: This includes volumes 1-161 on 20 CD's or. DVD ( Bd. 19-24 exists only as a copy. Summaries can be found here: System: DVD drive, Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista; Windows 7; Mac: OS X ab ab 10.4 Single copies of the German sex books on DVD, Strong cost new to publishing 45, 50 zzgl Porto. Subscription, the rate of price[...]