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Pictures from the past of Dynastengeschlechtes Castell

The ancestral sex:

Friderich de Castel lived in 1058 near Bamberg. Rupreth de Castello testified on 10. August 1091 an exchange of goods between the Bishop of Wurzburg, and two brothers and Richizo Winither.

Rubbraht de Castele stood in the witness row directly behind the Count, on top of the other distinguished gentlemen. Rupert de Castele witnessed among other, als Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa am 23. More 1165 arbitrating a dispute over Staffelsteiner Markets.

Robertus de Castele stands in the series witnesses a deed of Frederick Barbarossa in July 1168 immediately after the viscount to Nuremberg.

The land of castles in ancient times was very extensive, testifies her Lehnhof, whose components were scattered all over the East Franks. Rupert was employed by the Hohenstaufen King Philip's court and who often stayed at his and was the beginning of the 13. Century the earldom.

From the year 1223 is the continuous series of certified master Count of Castell to our days. In 1398 Count was awarded the right to mint and in 1457 the county was Castell fief of the Bishopric of Würzburg.

From the contents:

Reformation (1524-1584)
Graf Konrad II. (1540-1577)
Count Henry IV. (1555-1595)
The Wertheimsche inheritance and the House Constitution (1518-1564)
Graf Georg II. and his sons (1555-1605)
Courtly life in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Graf Wolfgang Georg I. (1610-1668)
Count Lips to Rüdenhausen and his (1653-1721)
Count Wolfgang Dietrich (1641-1709)
Count Friedrich Magnus of Castell-Remlingen and his (1646-1755)
Count Johann Friedrich to Rüdenhausen (1675-1749)
Graf Wolfgang Georg II. (1694-1735)
The last Old-Castell Rüdenhausen (1746-1803)
Count Gottlieb and Rantzausche heritage (1679-1762)
Lutz Graf, der Pietist (1707-1772)
Gräfin Charlotte Henriette (1729-1797)
Christiane Castell, the mother of the literary couple Stolberg (1722-1773)
The gender is 1901 elevated to the hereditary Bavarian prince.


Sperl, August: Castell : Pictures from the past a German Dynastengeschlechtes, Stuttgart: German publishing house, 1908 (With the genealogical tables and a list of persons)

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