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Home book of the circle Ueckermünde


The Ueckermünde is first in a deed of 1223 mentioned. The German name proves, that the Germans were here at that time the men. The foundation of the town stretches back into the Wendish time. As early as 1178 a Diet was held.

It was here, namely the outer ward of the district Rochow, in turn settled with protection. When, in the second half of the 12. Century the Pomeranian Dukes German into the country called, chose that also reside here and it was from the Wendish borough a German city, about the 1260 The city charter was.

Pasewalk fell 1648 in the peace of Westphalia to the Swedes and soon suffered under the depredations of the Poles 1657, then by incidence of Brandenburg 1676, especially 1702 as a fire the whole upper city and a part of the city lay in ashes.

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Badstübner, Edgar: Ueckermünde county – The home directory of the circle, Published by the County Committee of the circle, Magdeburg 1935 (Download)