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By working with many scientific publishers, more and more online journals are available. By digitizing the easier access to historical journals, while they might be saved from decay. The ThULB (Thuringian University- State Library) offers so on their sides under the symbol “URMEL” The following projects have already been implemented in:

University @ Urmel offers as part of the Digital Library Thuringia online access to university documents such as dissertations.

Journals @ urmel provides access to journals in digital form, a few examples from the repertoire of what I call the end. Besides address books for Weimar and Thuringia quite, Articles on the history and genealogy, there are issues of general emigration newspaper” with their side dish “Der Pilot” and much more.. The only drawback is the long load times temporarily.

Historical Magazine, ed. von Carl Wilh. Friedrich Breyer, Jena: Cröcker, 1.1805

Jenaische learned from newspapers 1765

Jenaischer University Almanac, ed. Georg Gottlieb Güldenapfel, Jena, 1816;1845

Langensalzaer circle-weekly, Langensalza, 1824-1830

Langensalzisches weekly, Langensalza, 1760-1798

Rudolstädter home magazines and Pößnecker Heimatblätter

General Collection of Historical Memoirs of the twelfth century to the latest times

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