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Retrospective digitization of the University of Bielefeld – Journals of the Enlightenment about genealogy

My constant search to find interesting books about genealogy is today rewarded again. In addition I have my directory "Retrospective digitization of scientific review bodies and literary journals of the 18. and 19. Jh. from the German-speaking world " select, on the website of the Uni Bielefeld is offered. The source material is scattered in various libraries, making it difficult to access in the past. The result obtained is as extensive, I can only imagine a taste of it and all of the researchers recommend, To narrow your search. Some of the families, you with extensive genealogies in the database.

This project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Volkswagen Foundation. The selection of magazines is essentially based on their, Distortion in the "Index of German Journals 1750-1815" of the Academy of Sciences at Göttingen. The project is conducted in cooperation with the Georg Olms Verlag AG.

Something of the caliber of the Marshal land in the Principality of Lüneburg, to supplement the history of the indigenous hereditary offices.

Historically, genealogical and legal trial to educate all its, what about for the year 1787 kömmt far erschollene Schaumburg-Bückeburgische thing in consideration, To judge from the inheritance rights, which the princely house of Hesse-Cassel, after the death in February of 1787 late Count Philipp Ernst, to hold of him gehabten part of the county Schaumburg, in the Westphalian circles, seek to assert.

Attempt at a historical biographical and chronological lineage of today Counts Stenbockschen sex continued from its origins up to the present time.

Message from the Erzbischofthume been established in the former Magdeburg adelichen race of Men of Sandersleben, which nunmehro partly in France, in Franche-Comté, resplendent with the Counts-Colignyschen dignity; vorgestellet of printed and unprinted documents and writings

Critical study of the so-called the infamous sex register Gräfin de la Motte…

Message from the old, rank Race of men from the ceiling in Kedingischen..

Ethiko von Elsaß und Karl Bonaparte, Progenitors of the Habsburg dynasties, Hohenzollern, Baden, Napoleon and all the royal houses of Europe's Christian.

Brief history of the former Counts of Diepholz..

Addendum to the short history of the former Counts of Diepholz..

By Duke Henry the Lion relationship with his wife Clementia of Zahringen..

Message from the family of the Lords of hochadelichen speeches..

History of the extinct Earls of Dannenberg..

Additions to the message from Andrew of Mandelslo (Mandelsloh)

Historical memoir of the former Counts of Luechow..

The founder of the Austrian House of Habsburg Rudolph..

Handwritten message from the extinct family of the lords of Wanzleben..

Diplomatic History of the Ancient Counts of Berg Ravens Sex with a panel, Map and collection of 139 Certificates..

Hirstorisch genealogical news from the Hilda family of the Domestic adelichen Men of Kniestedt..

Of the lords and earls of Embrach and Wülflingen..

Historical treatise of the noble lords of Harpke..

Treatise of the former Counts of Bilstein and Linder Beck..

The true origin of the ducal house of Saxony Billingischen..

From the arrival of the ancient barons Groten..

Brief historical message of the Dukes of Zahringen..

A contribution to the history of the house Isenburg-Büdingen..

A contribution to the news of the old Men of Stump Hausen in the county of Hoya..

Historical treatise of the noble lords Wolfenbüttel..

A contribution to the family history of the lords of the castle aces..

Message from the tribe of Men of instincts in Mecklenburg..

A Contribution to the History of Gender Men of Veltheim..

Message from an unpublished History is Edlen Lord Vitzthume..

Adelichen of the extinct family of the lords of their estates with Osen and afterwards mortgaged Lords of Klenken..

News of the family of Henry Tiesenhausens the elderly..

News of the family Tiesenhausens, along with various associated, concerned the liefländische religious history, Records and notes: all of which in 1575 placed and left behind handwritten sex Deduction, excerpts taken together. (with genealogical tables at the end of the tape) Those: Neue Nordische Miscellaneen. 1792-1798. , 1798, 18.St., S. 5 – 116

A contribution to the history of sex in Mellin..

Border- Heirathsvertrag and the men and Nicolas Johann of Mecklenburg and Rostock with the Count of Schwerin Gunzelin, from 30. Oct. 1230.

Note from the Men of Hohenbüchen a) older line, b) and Rößingischer line and on the false idea, the reign of the Befange Hohenbüchen..

Message from the family of those Lords of Rosenberg in Bohemia, bey occasion of the marriage of Wilhelm von Rosenberg with the Princess Catharina, H. Eric the elder daughter of Calenberg..

Historical treatise of the noble Men of Warberge..

Something of the old Men of Grimm mountains and their church to new churches in office Ehrenburg, from old documents..

Secular genealogy of those Count and noble men of Lippe, of Bernhardo I. an, however, from which the prolapsed different country divisions are seen.

Contribution to the life history of the Duchess Agnes of Brunswick, gebohrner and widowed Margravine of Brandenburg..

Chronicle of Steward of Waldburg, from its origin until the times Emperor Maximilian II.

Genealogical conception of the Home Leczinsky..

Count Henry of Nassau and Amalie von Metternich, a German family history..

A contribution to the History of the Counts of Barby..

The Familie Column in the first half of the fourteenth century..

Historic Genealogical and critical description of the Noble, Frey and Magnificent Count von Bulow sex, with engravings and documents..

News from the parish Race of those of Schwerin..

Historical message of which Counts and Marggrafen of Stade..

Comments from some Counts of Eberstein at the Weser..

Historical-biographical chronoligisch- , and heraldic news of the Estonian governors or governors and Schlossvögten of the castle and the town of Reval for Swedish royal reign.