The Württembergische Family Foundations

Individual contributions, some genealogies of individual foundations, some historical information on individual foundations have been developed in the works of Johann Jacob Moser and Rev. terminal.

In 1818 , the senior financial officer v. Spittler in communion with the local dean Hoffacker a collection of family foundations, published, but it appeared only 1. Issue.

Das Gesamtwerk von Faber ist so ausgearbeitet, that everyone knows his Vorweltern, can easily make his scholarship privileges identify. Families are found in several foundations, are described only once, however, is noted repeatedly in every issue. Each issue contains a register.

Württembergische family foundations, Year 1852
Württembergische family foundations, Year 1853
Württembergische family foundations, Year 1856
Württembergische family foundations, Year 1857

Extract names of the beneficiaries:

Bocer, Braun, Bonaker, Broll, Cotta, Osiander, Hiller, Sigwart, Lauterbach, Griesinger, Scotland v. Schottenstein, Fabri, Probst, Iron Kramer, Grüninger, Wolff, Plays, Dempfell, Farner, Lempp, Hallwachs, Hegel, Wendlin, Kapff, Ziegler, Vogler, Fleck, Mr. Brand, Moser, Barth, Feuerlein, Göriz, Roman, Hornung, Grocer, Simon, Plowman, Hallberg, Laubmaier, Zeller, Thill, Hermann, Gomer, Hirschmann, Weinmann, Hochmann, Gottschalk, Hochstetter, Nuremberg, Crusius, Helfferich, Terminal, Riepp, Place, Frontenhausen.

The Family Foundation:

As family trusts, such trusts referred, their beneficiaries in a family kinship relationship with the donor are. With the foundation of the family foundation lost heir of the estate in terms of disposal, Vote- und Kontrollrechte, they would have received in the normal mode of inheritance. These are the assets to organs such as the Foundation Board, Advisory Board etc. transfer. The heirs will instead receive the status of Destinatären, which is limited in most cases on the purchase of annual distributions pursuant to the statutes of the family foundation board decision. (Those)


Faber, Friedrich Ferdinand: The Württemberg family foundations, together with genealogical information about the owner, 4 Volumes and supplement with a total 33 Tack, Stuttgart: Kohler bookstore, 1852-1857 (The download is also possible)

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