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Winterthur famous families in the New Year leaves the city of Winterthur Library 1885 to 1897

In this New Year leaves the city library Winterthur Swiss contributions were below nobles and personalities in a small edition of 225 to 234 Copies of published. As a source for genealogical research, they are therefore extremely valuable. Episonden all related and together form a historical journey through time, in its center called the Steiner family again.

Johann Jacob Hettinger Linger

A son of Joachim Hettlinger and Susanna Steiner was in the years to Winterthur 1734 born. With 16 Years ago he came to Zurich to buy into the surgeon Heinrich Hess for the art of medicine and wound the barber profession to train and he was 1753 equipped with a vocational certificate. Since he was a great lover of science, He devoted himself more and more the study of mining's and gained over the years so a thorough knowledge, that he was the boss of mine Baigorry and the inspector general of mines Navarre's appointed…

The Barons of waiting

The Barons of waiting came not one of the power vested in the open air of Regensberg, but for her gender emerged males, in the history of Switzerland played a significant role. The origin of the Free warden is unclear and is dated to the early Middle Ages.

After the Zurich Wappenrolle (1336-1347) The crest is described as follows: The elongate, lower tapered shield, forming a beautiful oval, is defined by two of the top corners outgoing, over the center line intersecting divided into four fields, of which the two sides are equal and light blue, the other two, of unequal area, white shimmer. The golden helmet with a red helmet cover carries a nearly circular ring to conclude the, which is also divided into four parts and is emblazoned in the same colors, same underlying.

The family history of Steiner 17. Century

The sexes, which were of importance for the development of Winterthur, include those “Steiner” which in the second half of the XVII. Century trade and industry of Winterthur brought to astonishing heights.. The best known representative of this race was the Salt Mr Melchior Steiner, eldest son of Hans Steiner train in Switzerland.

A Winterthur robber barons of the XVII. Century

In the sixteenth. Century immigrant Andreas and Hans Steiner acquired through their possessions and noble rank as the owner of Wülflingen not only the lower, but also the high courts approached, Andreas Steiner came especially to be highly regarded. That it is now but in the acquisition of possessions, by noble citizens do not always approached with honest things, demonstrates a case of the XVII. Century: For a long time possessed Maximilian, Landgraf to Stüllingen, kaiserl. Majesty and of the Holy Roman Empire, hereditary marshal, Lord of Bappenheim, Hewen, Mottingen, Rettenstein, Kalden, Altikon in the county of Kyburg, and had in the person of his dear Christoph Gäuschel, Merchant in Winterthur, an administrator to set the court glory, He was equipped with the full power of attorney. Thus we learn of the sometimes obscure Handel land, Connections promises and agreements of this faithful servant. We learn from the rule of Elgg and the Prussian baron and as Bonaventura Bodeck of the governor, Sulzer of Winterthur for himself and his family to acquire this rule. Episonden all related and together form a historical journey through time, centered over again families are called.

Dr. Jacob Melchior Ziegler of Winterthur

Born 27.11.1801 the son of the stately home “For Palm” of the market alley with the store for cotton goods and speculation. His father also was a city council and the community Seckelmeister. He was renowned as a Swiss cartographer and publisher. This is his life story.


Charles Biedermann
Kaspar Hauser
George Geilfus

Publishing house:

Ziegler, Winterthur 1885-1897


University- and State Library of Düsseldorf

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