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Contest and Wittelsbach, and the Lower Lusatia XIV. Century

The author of this book has made it his mission, a particularly important period of time to edit because of archival research, could be adapted for a variety valuable material. It deals with the time of the loss of Lusatia from the Margrave of Meissen until the annexation of Bohemia, one of the gentlemen Ascanians and Wittelsbach, the pledge of the Wettin rulers and Bolkos Schweidnitz extensive period of almost 70 Years, with the main emphasis of the Wettin period 1350-1364.

The circumstances of the time it entail, that the representation amounts to a history of political relations between Meissen and Thuringia and Brandenburg is reproduced below gleichzeitigiger consideration of imperial history. Striped would look at the history of empire in the time of Ludwig of Bavaria and Charles IV. Starting with a short summary of the sovereign rule of the Wettin disposals in the Lausitz and administrative operations of their governors, The author also touches on administrative issues- and economic history. The substance the royal Saxon Hauptstaatsarchiv Dresden delivered with the original documents and registers the Margrave mastered African firm. The next larger yield the Saxe-Ernestine delivered total Archive in Weimar, the state archives in Berlin and Breslau, and individual files from the farm- and State Archives in Vienna etc. The Synopsis is down in some detail, but lacks a register.


Initial attempts to Rücker advertising Lusatia
Margrave Friedrich of serious than protection- and pledge master of the country and its relations with the Wittelsbach
The development of the Wittelsbach between obligations and the first contracts to pledge lausitzischen 1350
The acquisition of mortgage possession of Lusatia by the Wettin 1350-1353
The Wettin rule in the country and its domestic affairs
Preparatory steps of Brandenburg to redeem the Lausitz and the redemption by Charles IV. itself
Margrave Bolko and the incorporation of Lusatia to the Bohemian Kronlande 1364-1371
Overview of the policy of the Wettin 15. to 17. Century
Bailiff of the Niederlausitz the time of Wettin and Bolkos and sovereign officials currently Bolkos


Lippert, Woldemar: Contest and Wittelsbach, and the Lower Lusatia. XIV. Century : a contribution to the German Reich- and territorial history, Wilhelm Baensch K.S. Hofverlagsbuchhandlung: Dresden 1894 (Download in the Russian State Library)