Archive for Stem- and Heraldry

Archive for regular and Heraldry (also: Weller's archives for regular- and Heraldry, in the 1. Year: The coat of arms collector) Monthly periodical providing for family histories and family crests, exchange for family historians, Armorial, Bookplate, Siegel- and coin collectors, as well as for heraldic and genealogical societies.

No.. 1 Year 1900-1901
No.. 4 Year 1903-1903
No.. 5 Year 1904-1905
No.. 6 Year 1905-1906
No.. 7 Year 1906-1907
No.. 18 Year 1917-1918

Art Inserts:


Journal of the Society for the Promotion of tribal customer (Roland – Dresden) Publisher Gebrüber Vogt, Papiermühle S.-A. 1901 – 1918

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