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Armorial collections of the Bavarian State Library


Emperor Charles V.

By the Munich Digitization Center provided armorial heraldic collections are true treasure troves of art and the art of printing, gladden the heart of so many researchers are.

Choreography in Flemish portraits of the sovereigns, the arms of the nobility and the country in his geography, Netherlands 1562

Content: Arnulf I., Count of Flanders, Balduin VII., Count of Föandern, Karl I. the Good, Philipp II. the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Good, Maria von Burgund, Kaiser Maximilian I., Philipp I. King of Castile, Emperor Charles V, Isabella von Portugal, Philipp II. King of Spain, Elisabeth of Valois, Don Carlos, Infante of Spain, Emperor Frederick III. Margaret of Austria, Family coat of arms of the Flemish nobility.

Jakob Streit – Pedigree with the arms of his relatives, Ingolstadt University of Tübingen and his friends and colleagues at the Supreme Court of Speyer

Content: Pedigree records of relatives and friends of Jacob dispute, Heinrich von Waldenburg, Pedigree records of students at the University of Ingolstadt, Elector Frederick II, John of Gummingen and more..

Emblems of German gender primarily from Swabia, Alsace and Franconia with alphabetical name index, 15. Century

Emblems of German gender mainly from southern Germany 16. Century with the count's family coat of arms free and wonderful families.

Coat of arms of German families particularly 1475-1560, to family crest of the high nobility and gentry of the tournament, Wappentafel des 16. Century

Large armorial, containing the arms of the German Emperor, King of Europe- and royal houses, the popes and cardinals, Bishops and abbots, to the living representatives at the time of the reign of Emperor Rudolf II. und Papst Gregors XIII. 1583-1700

Content: Coat of arms of bishoprics and abbeys of Spain, Italian, France, England, Hungary, the Old Kingdom, of the Holy Roman Empire, the free imperial cities, first old coat of arms of principalities and powers and spiritual levels.

Coat of arms of court officials 17. Century

Coat of arms of the Imperial Diet in Regensburg 1594 the princes

Content: Duke Frederick I. of Württemberg-Teck, Carl Philipp von Croy, Ludwig Madruzzi, Bishop of Trent, Duke Ernest of Bavaria, Archbishop of Cologne, Abbot Ulrich of Zwettl, Julius Echter of Mesprelbrunn, Archbishop Wolfgang von Dalberg, Duke Johann Casimir of Saxe-Coburg, Johann Georg of Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Philipp Ludwig of Hanau.

Collection of arms from different, most German states to 1600

Content: Family coat of arms of the European aristocracy, German coats of arms and city coat of arms, Haller Sches pedigree, Spanish and Portuguese coat of arms, South German and Austrian coat of arms, Leaves the family crest Randegg, Wappen des Turnieradels, Civil emblem of Munich, Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Of names.

Wernigerode (Suburbs Sches) Armorial, Southern Germany 4. Quarter of the 15. Century. Coat of arms of secular and religious dignitaries, Country- and the family coat of arms of Kingdom of England, Family coat of arms of the Duchy of Bavaria, the Landgrave of Hesse, Duchy of Savoy, Duchy of Burgundy, Duchy of Milan and Naples, Coat of arms of families and the nobility in the duchy of Cleves, the Duke of funds, Count Werdenberg, Count of Württemberg, Duke of Legnica and partly invented King- and coat of arms.

Scheib Lersches armorial, Southern Germany 1450 bis ca. 17. Century, Wappenexlibris Freiherr von Scheibler to Hülhoven The emblem book as a sortable list.

Strain- and armorial of Baron Wolfgang Leonhard Undaunted by Ebenfurth and Petronell

Collection of several books crest, Augsburg around 1530, Coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the family coat of arms mainly from Austria and Alsace, and in the arms of the Swabian League combined spiritual and temporal estates.

Collection Redinghovenstraße:

Johann Georg was born in Düsseldorf on Redinghovenstraße 10. November 1628, son of Dr. of. John Winand v. Reding Courts († 1631) und der Margaretha Mattenclot, He came from a patrician magistrates sex Nymwegens, which is already in 1 J. Centuries appears in documents.

Content Directory the manuscripts collection of the secret council, and archivist John Godfrey of Redinghovenstraße in the k. Court- and State Library in Munich, edited by Baron von Hammerstein, Berlin 1885

Bd. 24: Seal of the Archbishops of Cologne and the German Emperor (in fine pen and ink drawings) – BSB Cgm 2213(24

Bd. 30: Court- and Hofgerichtsordnungen 1563 – 1602 – BSB Cgm 2213(30

Bd. 38: Ancient chronicles of Cleves and Mark, of Jülich and the origin of the Count, Mountain, Cleve, Mark, Funds – BSB Cgm 2213(38

Bd. 62: The gentlemen to Altena in Holland – BSB Cgm 2213(62

Bd. 69: Coat of arms of the nobility from the Cologne and Mainz cathedral chapter, Adel tests – BSB Cgm 2213(69

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