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The arms and seal of the city, Prussian provinces, towns and villages

wappen-und-siegel-titelblattThe first volume, of the city seal and coat of arms of Prussia, West Prussia and Brandenburg treated, appeared in 1894. This second part is due to Siegel described the many submitters from cities, Archives and registries, The local label came from the royal Privy State Archives in Berlin, the farm- State Archives in Vienna and the Bohemian National Archives and the archives of the Museum in Prague. It contains the arms of the Prussian provinces of Pomerania, Posen and Silesia.

It does not matter in this book, particularly splendid illustrations to present arms (because there are many other works) At each site follows a detailed description of the emblem, was given when and by whom it, to a small historical summary, and it also names the same noble families, by inheritance, Exchange or sell the property of the town came, at the Polish coat of arms a little more difficult undertaking, often because dozens of families of different origin and name are one and the same coat of arms served.

The present work is by Otto Hupp and the book was published by Heinrich Keller, Frankfurt 1898 and can be downloaded as DjVu.

Some examples of arms and seal

wappen-und-siegel-1 wappen-und-siegel-2 wappen-und-siegel-3

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