The coat of arms Petiscus in Heidelberg

The coat of arms Petiscus (here on a design by Martin Kortmann) has been used for over 250 Years out. The Electoral Rechenrat Philip Jacob Petiscus in Heidelberg has used the crest as a seal and put it on 1640 next to his signature in all documents.

It is unfortunately not be determined whether even the father of the named, Rector of the University of Heidelberg, Simon Petiscus, This coat of arms led. The contents of the emblem stands in close connection with the ev. ref. Belief, their supporters from the Anhalt immigrated to Heidelberg Petiscus alias Petsch were.

Simon Petiscus (Anhaltinus, medicinae doctor et mathematum professor) came from Dessau. He and his brother David were at the 19.4.1587 enroll at Wittenberg. Simon moved on already 29.8.1588 at the high school Zerbst. 1592 He moved to Heidelberg, where he should be Stadtphysicus and Professor of Medicine.

In deed book at the University of Heidelberg, 2. Bd. in May 1603 to read:

“Artistenfak. appoints Dr. of. Simon Petiscus, the professorship of mathematics is transferred (March 30. Ann. XXII, 25in) feierlichein licentiate in session and lets him out at once to the Master of Philosophy – honor doctornatus, quem magisterium appeal consuevimus – graduate. Minutes factors. art. In,2in”.

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