Armorial Valaisan: Welsh armorial

Of course, the family coat of arms are the arms of the great feudal families, the oldest. At its peak here is the house of Savoy, had several hundred years, extensive possessions in Rottental.

A seal of the Year 1143 Archives of the Abbey of St. Maurice is also the oldest known seal of this Dynastenfamilie and indeed one of the first crest documents.

The civic coat of arms before 1600 in the Upper Valais, mix of house signs, Family marks her, were performed gradually drawing. Craft and residence gave rise to another crest. In the 17. Century was for the production of the arms like builds on the actual or perceived Bedetung of the family name…

Armorial valaisan: Welsh armorial

Published by the State Archives with the help of the two historical associations of the canton of Valais: Orell Füssli Arts: Zurich 1946

New armorial Valais.: New Welsh armorial, Output 1974
New armorial Valais.: New Welsh armorial, Output 1984

Authors: Morend, Jean-Claude,Dupont Lachenal, Leon

Downloadquelle: Western Library Network Swiss: digital library RERO DOC

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