The Valais district administrator or stag since the year 1500

The major contracts, the 1569 closed with the return of the two bailiwicks Evian and Valley between the Valais and the Duke of Savoy were and some of the prior trial reports have been written both in German and in French and Latin.

Band 1 (1500-1519)
Band 2 (1520-1529)
Band 3 (1529-1547)
Band 4 (1548-1565)
Band 5 (1565-1575)
Band 6 (1576-1585)
Band 7 (1586-1595)
Band 8 (1596-1604)


Truffer Bernhard, Ammann, Hans-Robert: Published on behalf of the government of the canton of Valais, State Archives customs, Buchdruckerei Tscherrig AG: Brig, from 1916 This expenditure was kindly digitized from the western Swiss library network and are available in PDF format.

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