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The ancestors and relations of Adolph Halling


I must now necessarily in this work (in 2 Volumes) titled “My ancestors and their relationships” point. From the title alone can not draw conclusions about the most interesting content, researchers presented the family connections, at first you do not think.

The author Dr. of. Adolph Halling (*1844) fascinated by the personal story, has tirelessly searched through archives and records rolled, to study the life stories of his ancestors and their ancestral connections in detail.

With this successful presentation, their circle, a large number of famous men heard (e.g.. Calixtus, Boarding, Bagge, Christensen, Swan, Madsen etc.) succeeded him, to leave a comprehensive historical and genealogical valuable history for posterity.

Excerpt from the list of names:

Aarhus, Asgaard, in. Ahlefeldt, Albani, Alberti, Bacmeister, in. Baden, Bagge, Bakery, Blome, Boarding, Bremer, in. Bulow, Calixtus, Calovius, Danckwerth, in. Eickstedt, Eggebrecht, Fine, Gersdorff, Halling, Hardenberg, Herfurth, Jahn, Long, in. Levetzow, Lorentzen, Merfeldt, Moller, Nyborg, Pogwisch, Rodbert, Rantzau, Ramel, in. Reventlow, Rosary, Rudolphi, in. Schmettau, Seeblad, Smedes, Sperling, Swan, Westhoff, Wettering, Witzleben, Wrangell.



  • Dr. of. Adolph Halling: My ancestors and their relationships, printed as a manuscript, Glückstadt: J. J. Augustin, 1905 1. Bd. and 2. Bd.

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