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The German Herold: Quarterly magazine for arms-, Siegel and Family History

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Published by the Association of Berlin Herald. Once again I would like to provide relevant literature and the issues of the quarterly magazine hold a lot of background information and historical essays one. The writings were published under the title:

“Quarterly Journal of heraldry and genealogy sphragistics” ( 1873–1889)
“Quarterly magazine for arms-, Siegel and Family History” (1890–1931)

As a brief overview here are some examples from the content of the expenditure 1876-1894:

The synopses of the family of Sterbfritz, Coat of arms of the lords and barons of Puttkamer, the house Krockow, Fragments of genealogy Schledorn, Russian nobility conditions, Schirach and the von Schirach, Pedigrees of the family of Wietersheim, The family of Kunheim, The Stemann and her family, Pedigree leaves the North German nobility, Ancestors of those Köckritz, the genealogy of the family Gossler, The Berenberg.

Students from Pomeranian noble families in Szczecin, The Barons of Negri, the genealogy of the family of Bismarck, The pedigree of the Cosmo Simmer Simmersfeld, The old nobility in Upper Alsace, the Earl of Fortescue, Barone von Clermont, the families of the lip, Alliance adeliger family, for example Kameke, von Bardeleben, of Pfuel, the descent of the Liborius Munchausen, the noble families of the Ortenau, The calendar entries of the Zedtwitz..


The Augsburg wedding book with the marriages of 1484-1591, the pedigree of John Franck, the arms and the seals of the Counts of Froburg and Homberg, Contributions to the History of the German nobility in Bohemia, False prince, and Prince, Vassal families of the Margrave of Meissen, Landgrave of Thuringia and Saxony to Dukes, the old aristocratic family line Sparenborg.

Year 01, 1873
Year 02, 1874
Year 04, 1876
Year 05, 1877
Year 06, 1878
Year 07, 1879
Year 08, 1880
Year 09, 1881
Year 10, 1882
Year 11, 1883
Year 13, 1885
Year 14, 1886
Year 15, 1887
Year 17, 1889
Year 18, 1890
Year 19, 1891
Year 20, 1892
Year 21, 1893
Year 22, 1894
Year 26, 1898
Year 28, 1900
Year 33, 1905
Year 36, 1908


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