The expulsion of the Salzburg Protestants

In every respect the archdiocese claiming the strictest isolation from foreign influences, with the exception of Italian art, the Spanish or French etiquette and dominion over the Roman chair. The Archbishop of the Salza ruled a vast diocese, of the hiss on even the main volume exceeded.

A born Papal Legate he had the power to decide disputes over various, the other came just before the Roman Forum. He occupied the bishoprics, and did not even have a new bishop confirmed by the Pope. He called himself “Primas Germaniae” and sat on top of Regensburg on the bench very spiritual. He alone stood by all the princes of the Holy Roman Empire the honor to, dine in the presence of the Empress with highest on the board to be allowed. He invested the Archdukes of Austria with four of his state Erbhofämtern, and then mortgaged it to them other families, the Archbishop “pleasing” were. Therefore, taking into numerous enclaves, it was the area of ​​his high princely state of any territory of another spiritual state reached in Germany.

And that was the outward unity of faith was strictly kept in the Principality, while in Erfurt, Mainz, Fulda in fish mountain, Würzburg in Gochsheim and Sennfeld, the pin in Kempten Rothstein, Grönenbach Herbishofen and Protestants openly tolerated. There were three privileged estates of the archbishopric: Clergy, Nobility and citizens. The latter had originally possessed important privileges, the emperor was the residence of the autonomy guaranteed even been; But Archbishop Leonhardt made 1511 invite the Mayor and Council New Year's time to board, alleged ringleaders were then tied to the sled and executioners accompanied, for miles driven to the mountains, there she died as a result of the cold. After this scare the citizens were silenced. The jurisdiction of the city was at the church, the Grand Council abolished it and robbed the citizens of all self-determination.

The second privileged class, originally 45 landsässige nobility, had ceased to be a true Arisokratie. Some local families extinct, by the Archbishop were included in the foreign matriculation. The real superpower in the archbishopric was the prelate as, to which the abbot of St. Peter, four other dignitaries, an abbess, and were especially the chapter. The latter had authority to change the constitution 24. July 1620 almost everything is determined and also exerted an enormous influence in later. Strict ancestor of all samples included emerging talent of low birth.

At the 31. October 1731 Emigration was the world-shaking the patent unterzeichnAt, The command contained, within eight Tagen, In among the residents according to wealth status, evacuate in one to three months, the country. At the 5. November was sent the emigration patent, at the 11. November it should be published: issued on Reformation Day, It is published on Luther's baptismal day. The intervening period had been used for general disarmament of the Evangelical. This marked the beginning of destruction, the population. Soldiers went from house to house, forcing the withdrawal……


The expulsion of the Salzburg Protestants and your input at the Claubensgenossen: Picture a time of cultural history from the time 18. Jahrbundert: with 42 Engravings, of C. Fr. Arnold, published by Eugen Diederichs: Leipzig 1900 (Download)

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