The Verfestungsbuch the city of Stralsund

The series published by the Historical Society of the Hanseatic history sources Stralsund city opened a book, which served the criminal justice. Even before the 14. Century, the site recorded in Stralsund by the court made fixations on single sheets of parchment. Only then was laid on its own for the reception of certain solidifications books: so in Rostock seit 1319, in Wismar since 1353 and since in Stralsund 1310, while they seem to be in Greifswald the old system of registration in the general city remained faithful to book. Published books are complete consolidation has rarely; an example, the solidification point of Liegnitz 1339 to 1354.

Hinricus Warberg occulte recessit a domino suo Nicholas Rambowen ipsius cum service fabro et 4 Marxists denariorum Sundensium, Quas furtive deportavit; where a thief is the same with all right Lubicensi Hinricus outlaw. Judices Henningus et Arnoldus predicti. (Excerpt)

At the 9. October 1306 held the office of Stralsund city clerk John of Koszalin begun, in the series since the start of the municipal clerk of running a city, the tenth book. He wrote constantly to 24. January 1315. By the year 1333 was Bertold of Kiel. In 1376 we find the town clerk of Nicolaus Fürstenwerder, 1405-1423 Henry Oldenburg, 1454 and 1464 Wilken is called Daneel and 1478 Master John Prutze…



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