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in. Krohne: General German nobility Glossary

The Johann Wilhelm Franz Freiherr von Krohne, (* 13. More 1738 in Heidelberg; † 2. August 1787 in Berlin, Royal Polish real go. Council and the Duke of Saxe-Hildburghausischer duly authorized minister of Lower Saxony in circles) 1774 and 1776 in the two parts of the first volume

issued General German nobility encyclopedia was originally self-published, came later in Commission, but only came in a few hands, since the same, like most genealogical and heraldic works 19. Century, is one of the very rare books.

The v. Krohne'sche work, which rely heavily on Gauhe, several times but also relied on reports from families, goes from A to M and are 341 and 449 Folio pages only 400 Headings, because individual families (then z takes. B. Articles Czettritz 38 Folio half sides) been a noble lexicon but are dealt with too broad.

Bd. 1 1774

Bd. 2 1776

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