Documents and evidence on the history of the Order of the Swan

The expansion of its statutes, the Order received at 15. August 1443. The purpose of the Order was, against “Demoralization” influence of the Brandenburg nobility and to teach them the fear of God and honesty, particularly members feud- and curb rowdiness. Membership of women was also allowed. The meeting point of the rapidly unfolding Order was the house of God on the Harlungerberg at Altbrandenburg.

From the contents:

Mit dem Mitgliederverzeichnis aus den fünziger Jahren des 15. Century, of 1464 and 1465, Stiftungsbriefe des Markgrafen Albrecht, Eine Liste der Mitglieder süddeutscher Zunge (Seelbuch) die Rechnungen der Gesellschaft, Erwerbungen des Ordens. Von Siegfried Haenle, Ansbach 1876 (Online version of the BSB Munich)

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