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The charters of the Counts de Lagardie in Tartu University Library

Pontus Lagardie, a noble family in the country sprung from Languedoc, was of his parents were originally intended for the church. But he withdrew from the bondage of life and devoted himself to the war: first in Piedmont under Marshal Brissac, then from 1559 in Scotland in French auxiliaries.

After the Treaty of Edinburgh Ponus entered the service of King Frederick II. of Denmark, and after the peace between Denmark and Sweden, he entered Swedish service. Already 1566 He was sent on a diplomatic mission to France.

In 1573 Pontus de Lagardie was sent as governor and military colonel to Reval, But his actual military career did not begin until 1580. In that year, he should wage war against the Russians, and in October 1581 He could tell his king, that Narva to the enemy no country possesses.

His son Jacob had fought at a young age in Livonian wars. 18 Years old, he was 1601 captured by the Poles in Wolmar. Under Count Maurice of Nassau, he learned the “Dutch war discipline”, whereupon King Charles IX. him 1609 the commander of his army seconded to Russia appointed…..

Jacob Lagardie inducted born in Reval. His mother was Sofia Johansdotter Gyllenhielm, an illegitimate daughter of King John III of Sweden. She died at his birth and he grew up in his grandmother's Karin Hansdotter, the mistress of King John III.


Johannes Lossius: Publisher K.F. Kohler 1882 (Download in the Russian State Library)

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