Television advertising campaign of the German War Graves Commission.

Still apply 1,3 Million people, according to the search service of the German Red Cross as missing. And though many stories are known and well documented, still are not many members found. It is not known to many people, that the German War Graves Commission Can provide answers.

The goal of television advertising, it is now, to inform the public accurately and with the database via 4,5 Million war dead to point: The People's League continues with his work for years for the world peace.

Ofizieller Sponsor der aktuellen Kampagne ist die Onlineplattform für Ahnenforschung und Familienstammbäume und The website operator Anzeigenkampgane financially support this.

CEO Sven Schmidt thinks of the fate of the war dead, which are an important warning against forgetting. A fact, die nicht oft genug erwähnt werden kann. The family network is the way in 10 Sprachen verfügbar und es haben sich mehr als 10 Millionen Familien angemeldet. Das Thema Ahnenforschung erfreut sich insbesondere in Deutschland und Polen an wachsendem Interesse. Profits as the market leader in both countries which

From personal experience I can tell how important it is, that the pedigree in the network is protected, for fear that years of research lost through carelessness is large – hat auch daran gedacht und bietet mit dem Premiumangebot Features, the added security offer.

Participatory action:

Titled Action “Last hope” stellt der Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. Inquiries from people available online. Take some time to Read requests and help the seekers, if you can.

TV commercial and more about this campaign:

The broadcast TV spot from October to December is on the transmitters Sat1, Cable 1, DSF, The fourth and Tele 5.