50.000 Obituaries from the imperial and royal monarchy on the Internet soon

Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Press release: Historian, Genealogists and historians interested in, had to find original documents such as the above-cited Hoftraueranzeige, date directly into the Austrian State Archives in Vienna are.

But now the institution is one of the largest digitization campaign launches in the history of obituaries or death notices.

Together with the Vienna Internet 11media be forged at the 50.000 Obituaries from the monarchy, the previously dormant on the shelves, photographed and posted on the Internet.

The project of superlatives in autumn 2010 the grief-platform http://www.aspetos.at go online. In addition to treasures like the Hoftraueranzeige of Empress Sissi and Emperor Franz Josef or be Crown Prince Rudolf received their own memorial page on the net including the original Parte.

Franz Joseph I. at a young age

Jörg Bauer, Authorized Officer of 11media: “Aspetos means eternity. The project is a step for the company, to obtain their valuable past for the future. In addition to securing this data on servers in a disaster-proof bunker in the Alps is another aspect of enormous importance:

Through our sophisticated, technical solution, we are capable of this enormous amount of data quickly and efficiently available. An instrument, both the history and genealogy research will revolutionize our country.”

Original Hoftraueransage: Franz Joseph I. (Franz)
Original Hoftraueransage: Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Duchess in Bavaria (Sissi)

Zu ASPETOS: The platform is dedicated to ASPETOS since June 2009 the grieving process on the Internet. In cooperation with more than 50 Funeral Services were asked to date thousands of obituaries from all over Austria on the Internet.

Those: pressetext news agency GmbH, A-1080 Wien

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